Big Bore guns have been around for over 100 years, and are used by big game hunters. Typically, these guns are used for taking down large animals, often weighing more than 2000 pounds. With more and more small game hunters becoming interested in using pneumatic rifles instead of standard guns, it has been only a matter of time before it is possible to get a big bore air rifle.

While you will never want to try and take down an angry 2000 pound grizzly bear with a just an air rifle, these large bore air guns can be used for hunting larger game like wild hogs, coyotes, and in some cases even a 1500-pound bison. One of the reasons for the air rifle’s growing popularity among big game hunters is that big bore air guns are legal in most states, and do not require the expensive and time-consuming licensing and registration that standard firearms need.

Previously, customers who were interested in purchasing a big bore pneumatic firearm had to custom order theirs, which could take several months. In answer to the growing demand, some air gun manufacturers have started producing them in house. This means that you no longer have to wait for an extended period of time before receiving your new large game air rifle.

What makes a big bore pellet rifle different from other air guns is that it fires a larger pellet. With most of the target and small game pneumatic rifles, either .22 or .177 caliber, these larger rifles are .45 caliber and even .50 caliber. They are also gas powered instead of pump action, and can even contain a back up reservoir. The main thing to remember about these powerful air guns is that they are not toys and should only be used by an experienced hunter or target shooter.

Big Bore Air Guns

While it is true that most big bore air guns need to be custom ordered, there are two that can be ordered for immediate delivery. These Korean-made air rifles are powerful and capable of easily taking down large game.  They are also legal to own and use during almost all hunting seasons.

Sam Yang Big Bore 909S Air Rifle

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Sam Yang Big Bore 909S Air RifleDragon Claw Air Rifle air rifle

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This .50 caliber air rifle has been known to even shoot through small chunks of concrete, making it perfect for hunting large game like wild hogs and even smaller-sized, non-protected moose and buffalo. It features a gorgeous polished hardwood stock that has been curved to fit comfortably against your arm when firing. The air rifle uses a precharged air canister to power each shot, and is capable of firing up to 679 feet per second. A smaller 11mm scope is also included with the air rifle, along with two power levels for firing. The forearm and grip are textured for additional  stability, and the rear sight can be removed for a clear shot at any target. A one-year limited warranty is also included with the purchase of a Dragon Claw air rifle.

Note: Big bore air rifles are powerful enough to fatally shoot a human, and they should not be treated as toys. They should also only be used by an experienced hunter or marksmen, and never by children under the age of eighteen.