Meet Our Team

Jerez Craig
Jerez CraigSenior Editor
A five-time national benchrest champion, I have considerable experience hunting with all types of firearms. I use an air rifle mainly for hunting of small feral animals and birds such as rats and pigeons.I also enjoy target pistol shooting and the occasional round of shotgun.
Chad Pennington
Chad PenningtonAuthor
Chad has been an avid hunter for more than 20 years, and has taught himself almost everything there is to know about firearms. Not only has he become an expert marksman with several different types of pneumatic weapons, he has also started sharing his knowledge with our readers. We look forward to reading all of his helpful tips, and learning from his vast experience.
Laura McKinnison
Laura McKinnisonAuthor
Laura is a freelance columnist from South Dakota, and has made it her mission to help women learn how to use pneumatic firearms. She loves the thrill of hitting a tin can in her backyard, and swears that it is a great stress reliever. To help other women discover this great way to unwind she is using her love of writing to promote what she believes is a fun and therapeutic sport.
Adam Martinez
Adam MartinezWriter
Adam is a graduate from the University of Texas, and is a proud owner of more than 25 air guns and rifles. He can usually be found on the firing range, trying out the latest pneumatic firearm. In addition to being an excellent marksman, he is also an advocate of gun safety. He incorporates this in his writing, and he even includes tips on how to beat his high marksmanship scores.